Your packaging project needs a custom CAD packaging design and sampling service that’s tailored to your exact requirements. Luckily for you, Tagit offers just what you need.

As conscientious businesses, we’re all looking for ways to knock money off the bottom line and increase our company’s profits. For that reason, when we’re launching a new product line to the market, the temptation to go with off-the-shelf packaging options is appealing. With no tooling costs, and a lower cost per unit, the saving potential is obvious. Isn’t it….?

In our long experience, the answer is NO!

Packaging should…

Your jewellery and accessory packaging should deliver maximum impact in store or, with ecommerce, via an unboxing experience.

Your packaging should protect your jewellery and accessories in transit.

Your jewellery and accessory packaging should be designed in such a way that you spend less time on implementation before your products reach the shelf.

Yet, stock packaging doesn’t….

The reality is that stock packaging can rarely achieve these goals.

Its lack of branding or print effects deliver minimal impact.

Compromising on the exact fit for your product can lead to product damage in transit. Or, it means the need for secondary packaging items to fill voids, which pushes up the unit cost. Plus, all surplus packaging increases your shipping charges and environmental impact.

Finally, time to shelf and resource requirements are increased as staff struggle to position products within packaging that they weren’t designed to fit into.

But bespoke packaging does…

All in all, to reduce your packaging project stress (and costs) you need to work with a partner that offers custom CAD packaging design and sampling.

At Tagit, we are equipped with the very latest in CAD packaging design software. This is ably supported by our team of highly experienced packaging designers.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their product, their brand, and their project goals.

Using our CAD packaging design technology, we can then project any kind of box, jewellery card, gift bag, or accessory display hanger, quickly and precisely.

CAD design is photo realistic

Tagit offers bespoke CAD packaging design and sampling services

With the use of CAD packaging design we can showcase material textures and print effects that simply can’t be properly conveyed via standard artwork. This allows you to eliminate all unworkable ideas before your project gets to sampling stage – saving valuable time.

CAD sampling provides assurance

Tagit offers bespoke CAD packaging design and sampling services

Once the design is approved, we are just a click away from creating a sampling model. Our expertise in forming an accurate prototype from an initial CAD packaging design removes the need for to-ing and fro-ing with tweaks and revisions. Plus, our option to sample in China or the UK means that we can choose the least time consuming way of getting your samples back to you.

The creation of both a photo realistic visual and a production sample gives you two levels of confidence that your end product will always be as you approved it.

Could you benefit from custom CAD packaging design?

If you want to capitalise on the advantages of using a bespoke CAD packaging design and sampling service, get in touch to discuss your project. We’re always happy to help.

James Rowland is the Managing Director of Tagit Ltd, which he co-founded in 1996. His passion for all things related to design and packaging came from working in the art department of a packaging firm after leaving school in the late 80s. He taught himself to run the litho printers and die cutting machinery, and built up the production arm of the UK business. James’ entire career has been centred around the innovation, design and production of jewellery and accessory packaging, which is why Tagit attracts and retains clients around the globe. James cares deeply for the environment and has made it his mission to offer the best recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions for his customers, even if it affects the profitability of Tagit.