Packaging design

Our approach to packaging design involves working closely with our clients to understand their product, their brand, and their challenges. Typically, our packaging design briefs cover specialities within the display and aftersales packaging areas.

Display packaging

We design packaging that brands use to create eye-catching product displays in-store. This can include jewellery display cards, hanging boxes, swing tags, gift bags, jewellery pouches, hosiery packaging, and accessory display hangers.

Aftersales packaging

More brands are realising that their ecommerce experience is just as valuable as their in-store experience. We design aftersales packaging that extends a brand’s touchpoint into the shipping of their products, and creates a memorable unboxing experience for their customers.

Global sampling service

Our designers work closely with our production teams, whether in the UK, China, or India, to produce visuals and samples quickly and efficiently. Our expertise in the sampling process means that the end product you receive will be as you approved it.

Innovative packaging designs

Our design team also likes to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in packaging design and materials. Whether you are looking for a up-to-date design for the introduction of a new line, or you want to change your entire range to more sustainable packaging materials, we would be more than happy to help.


We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to the manufacturing of your packaging. Our teams work closely together, on your behalf, to ensure that strict quality control standards are applied to each and every production run.

Factories around the globe

We have manufacturing facilities in China, India, and the UK. This means that we can always find the right solution for your packaging challenges. Whether you need high volumes at speed, a specialised print finish, a cost effective packaging range, or the latest in sustainable packaging, you can be sure that one of our production facilities will be able to cover it.

Ethical Business Practices

Many of our clients conduct independent audits of our factories to ensure that we comply with their strict ethical business practices. You can read more about our commitment to these standards here.

Sustainable packaging solutions

We take our responsibility for minimising the impact of our work on the world around us very seriously. As a responsible packaging manufacturer, we are committed to developing and sourcing sustainable packaging solutions, and minimising packaging waste. Let us work with you and advise you on processes and materials that will help you make environmental improvements to your packaging.

If you want to know more about our commitment to environmental issues, you can find our environmental policy here.


One of the biggest headaches for brands is stock control and storage. With Tagit, controlling the stock of your jewellery and accessory packaging is one thing that you can leave to us!

Bespoke call-off service

We offer flexible account management to all of our clients. Our bespoke call-off service means that you can agree maximum and minimum stock levels, and we will keep you informed as and when a repeat order is required.

Dedicated distribution centres

We have three dedicated distribution centres – China, India, and the UK. We can keep your packaging stocked at the most convenient location for speedy call-offs when you need them.

Account management

There are many ways that we can manage your account. Whether you want to be fully involved, or leave it to us, we can agree the best distribution solution for your company.

Let us take the reins

From concept through to fulfillment, our expertise in packaging design, manufacture and distribution means less work for your suppliers, and less worry for you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your packaging requirements.