There are more than 70 million results on YouTube for the search terms ‘unboxing’ and ‘video’. In 2014, those videos had a staggering 1 billion views. Could your brand benefit from that amount of free publicity?

The trend of documenting the ‘unboxing experience’ is growing at an astounding rate. According to Google’s YouTube Insights blog from 2014, “Unboxing video views have grown 57% over the past year, and uploads have grown more than 50%.”

The phenomenon may seem strange at first – why do people want to watch other people open packages? However, consider that we are inherently social animals, and we share the same chemical make-up. The ‘pleasure’ chemicals that we release when we open a gift are also released by the person witnessing the unboxing. Think about how much anticipation you feel when watching a child open a Christmas present.

A premium unboxing experience can encourage brand loyalty

A 2016 study by logistics experts, Dotcom Distribution, discovered that forty percent of shoppers would be more likely to purchase from a retailer again if their online order was delivered in premium or gift-like packaging. For luxury goods, such as jewellery, this increases to an astounding 61%.

This is down to the very same pleasure chemicals – basically, we are chemically programmed to repeat pleasurable experiences.

Plus, when we’re excited about a brand, we’re more likely to recommend it to others. The same survey shows that 50% of shoppers would endorse a brand that used branded or gift-like packaging for their e-commerce sales; and 40% would share their experience on social media. Brand advocates are the holy grail of marketing!

Premium products demand premium packaging

In this study, we learn that 43% of shoppers think that premium packaging is either extremely or very important when purchasing luxury goods such as jewellery or watches; furthermore, 58% claim it influences their perception of the brand.

When we buy a luxury item, the purchase is driven by want, rather than need. When we buy online, we have time before receiving the item to consider whether the purchase was really necessary. However, when that luxury item arrives in premium packaging, and we can get excited about the unboxing experience, it reinforces that the purchase was worth it.

As an example, take a look at these gorgeous shipping boxes that we designed for luxury brand, Gecko, for their D for Diamond children’s jewellery range.

Imagine the joy of receiving that item in the post. Creating a memorable unboxing experience can help your brand achieve the competitive edge needed to not only encourage repeat business, but also to attract new customers from all the people viewing your packaging online.

Partnering with aftersales packaging experts, such as Tagit, could help take your shipping boxes and bags to the next level. We can advise you on the materials and the print techniques that can be used to give your packaging the wow factor.

Contact us today to discuss your next project, and see how you could create the perfect unboxing experience for your e-commerce customers.

James Rowland is the Managing Director of Tagit Ltd, which he co-founded in 1996. His passion for all things related to design and packaging came from working in the art department of a packaging firm after leaving school in the late 80s. He taught himself to run the litho printers and die cutting machinery, and built up the production arm of the UK business. James’ entire career has been centred around the innovation, design and production of jewellery and accessory packaging, which is why Tagit attracts and retains clients around the globe. James cares deeply for the environment and has made it his mission to offer the best recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions for his customers, even if it affects the profitability of Tagit.