A guide to the ways you can use packaging to effectively differentiate your jewellery and accessory products on-shelf, or via e-commerce.

Packaging design can alter the perception of your product. It plays an important role in your brand identity. It’s the first touchpoint between you and your customers. Creative packaging design can mean the difference between your product being chosen, or being literally left on the shelf.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the top creative packaging design trends that are emerging in 2019. Hopefully one of these trends will provide the inspiration you need to give your packaging a boost.


It may seem counter intuitive, but taking a minimalist approach to your creative packaging design could help you to stand out. 

The last few years have seen brands going bold and brash to compete on the shelves. So much so that flashy packaging is now the norm – so taking the opposite path could provide much needed relief to your customers’ eyes.

Don’t be tempted to think that minimal means simple or boring. By stripping away all the unnecessary elements from your packaging, you can let the product speak for itself. It brings focus to the core elements of your brand, including colour and typeface, making them shine and honing your brand identity.

Minimalism is one of the creative packaging design trends for 2019


There’s something timeless and powerful about monochrome packaging. The use of only black and white draws the eye to the shape and form of the packaging. It also creates an air of authority – conveying a message that showy colours aren’t needed to distract the customer from a substandard product.

Monochrome is simple, sophisticated and dynamic. It also helps to make any wording on the packaging stand out which is important if you have to fit copy within your creative packaging design.

Monochrome is one of the creative packaging design trends for 2019


A playful graphic style can be really appealing to customers who are in touch with their inner child. Incorporating doodles into your creative packaging design can soften the hard lines of a box, and bring out the fun side of your brand.

Obviously brand identity plays a massive part with the decision to take the doodle route. If you have always portrayed a serious identity, it would be a massive shock to your customer base to suddenly see a lighthearted shift.

The other consideration is the product itself. Doodles will lift a children’s jewellery packaging range, and be extremely engaging and appealing. However, if you sell ‘unfun’ products, like pharmaceuticals, it would be odd to add whimsical visuals.

Doodle is one of the creative packaging design trends for 2019


This year has seen gradients emerge as a key creative packaging design element. Unlike previous years where gradients have been used as background detail, they are now front and centre as the major component of the design.

Gradients allow designers to use vivid, exciting colour combinations to revitalise their visuals. Gradients feel fresh and unique; they provide dimension, complexity and depth to design without distracting from the main message.

Another key consideration for the use of gradients is that they look great on digital platforms. They’ve been used by web designers for years, for good reason. In the age of influencers and vloggers, gradients could make your shareable products look infinitely better on screen.

Gradients are one of the creative packaging design trends for 2019


Another trend that has been around in other areas of graphic design, bold typography is fast emerging as a trend within creative packaging design.

Bold fonts demand attention and help products to really stand out on the shelf. They provide emphasis to key brand messages. They can also be used to replace graphics where imagery isn’t relevant to, or could detract from, the product.

When combined with minimalistic design, people can’t help reading bold letters. However, be careful in the amount of bold typography on your packaging. Bold fonts convey emphasis and hierarchy. If everything is bold, then you run the risk of every message running into the other.

Bold typography is one of the creative packaging design trends for 2019


Metallic effects can elevate your creative packaging design to another level. A metallic foil on a dark stock is extremely effective and can make your luxury jewellery and accessory product ranges look even more opulent.

Metallic inks catch the light in the shop and make your product pop on the shelf. Foil stamping has a highly reflective, almost mirror finish which can be mesmerising when used in the right way on your packaging.

Plus, you’re not restricted to just silver and gold. Regal purples, rich reds, pure white, luxurious deep green – the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to foils and metallic inks.


The Pantone colour for 2019 is 16-1546 Living Coral. It speaks to an emerging trend within creative packaging design that leads us towards the gentle, natural feel that neutral and pastel palettes evoke.

Pastels are less saturated so they give off a softening effect that almost creates an aura under the harsh high street store lighting. It makes products appear more welcoming, mellow, fragile, and feminine than hyper-stimulating colour palettes could hope to achieve.

Choosing pastels, nudes, and neutrals doesn’t mean that your product will fade into the background. Far from it. The softer tones can actually help to emphasise your company name, logo, product name and key selling points.

Pastels and neutrals are one of the creative packaging design trends for 2019


I realise that this article is titled ‘7 of the top creative packaging design trends for 2019’ – however, I felt the need to introduce a bonus category.

In truth, sustainable packaging isn’t a trend for 2019. It’s a trend that has been growing for years; and that we hope continues to grow for many years to come.

Consumers are increasingly choosing responsible companies that take action on helping the environment. Therefore, if you don’t want your customer base to vote with its feet, you should be seriously considering taking action on your wasteful and unsustainable packaging practices.

Plus, the news this year that the UK Chancellor plans to introduce a plastic packaging tax for brands that persist in using virgin plastics in their packaging should provide the wake up call that laggard businesses need to make the change sooner rather than later.

Creative packaging design in 2019

Packaging design trends move quickly. They should incorporate the perfect combination of packaging material, innovation and finishing techniques. An understanding of your target market’s needs and triggers should be at the heart of your packaging design strategy.

Our team of packaging design experts and manufacturing specialists will be happy to discuss your brand’s packaging strategy and guide you from initial concept through to distribution.

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James Rowland is the Managing Director of Tagit Ltd, which he co-founded in 1996. His passion for all things related to design and packaging came from working in the art department of a packaging firm after leaving school in the late 80s. He taught himself to run the litho printers and die cutting machinery, and built up the production arm of the UK business. James’ entire career has been centred around the innovation, design and production of jewellery and accessory packaging, which is why Tagit attracts and retains clients around the globe. James cares deeply for the environment and has made it his mission to offer the best recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions for his customers, even if it affects the profitability of Tagit.