Ethical packaging trends

Sustainable packaging appeals to the conscientious customer. Gathering momentum over the past ten years, ethical packaging was once the sole domain of a small handful of dedicated eco-pioneers. Today it is imperative that brands quickly adopt sustainable solutions to their packaging requirements, otherwise risk losing out to more ethical competitors.

Sustainability rules

Previously, large prominent brands could rely on their name and reputation as a guarantee of sales. In the age of the ethical consumer, that guarantee has gone. Well known brands are finding that their heritage no longer holds sway over principles. Sustainability has become a key deciding factor when consumers are choosing where to spend their money. Small start-up brands find it easier to be ethical from the get go; which leaves big brands scrambling to catch up.

Ethical packaging trend forecasts

Since the start of the shift towards sustainability, Tagit has been producing ethical packaging trend forecasts to help our customers compile new eco-friendly packaging strategies. By working closely with a company like Tagit, you can benefit from our insight into customer perception, and reinvent your packaging in a way that will entice and satisfy today’s principled consumers.

The circular economy

As the trend has grown, the focus has shifted from simply what the packaging is made from. Today the circular economy plays a big part in ethical packaging trends. Nowadays, consumers not only want to use less packaging, but they also want their packaging to be designed in such a way that it can be reused, recycled, or composted.

Seasonal packaging trends

Seasonal packaging design gives brands a perfect opportunity to connect with customers over a communal holiday spirit. We know that particular holidays provide a guaranteed increase in spend, with impulse buys contributing to a good portion of that extra revenue. Using seasonal packaging to mirror the festivities can be an effective way to ensure the additional sales come your way.

Jingle all the way

Your brand image will play a major role in deciding which holidays have the most relevance to your business. The obvious choice for most brands is Christmas; consumers are in the mindset to search out appropriate gifts and seasonally relevant packaging helps your product stand out on the shelf, and prompts split-second decision making.

Packaging for all seasons

Of course, seasonal packaging doesn’t have to be holiday focused. You can also benefit from a packaging strategy that celebrates an actual season. Varying your colour palettes, packaging materials, and packaging form throughout the year can speak to customers on a more emotional level than keeping your packaging static throughout the year.

Seasonal packaging trend forecasts

Working with Tagit on your seasonal packaging strategy means that you can take advantage of our vision for the coming year. Our packaging trend forecasts focus on the latest seasonality and holiday looks to help you to create a unique packaging offering. You will stand out from the crowd and engage with your customers in a way that will inspire brand loyalty that long outlasts the season.

Packaging material trends

It’s a well known fact that single use plastics represent one of our biggest environmental concerns; however, for a long time, there has been no viable alternatives for certain types of packaging. Today our options are growing daily, and packaging material trends have turned a sustainable corner.

Post consumer materials

Ethical brands are embracing post consumer materials to avoid using and depleting raw material resources. Integrating a high percentage of recycled materials in your packaging sends a message to your eco-conscious consumers that you share their mindset.

Innovative packaging materials

Innovating your packaging ranges to be ‘mono material’ makes it far easier for your packaging to be recycled in full. Exploring cutting-edge packaging materials such as bamboo, ‘Paptic’ and oxo-biodegradable plastics can future-proof your packaging against upcoming environmental penalties.

Packaging material trend forecasts

A large part of the packaging trend forecasts that we produce focus solely on material progression. We closely monitor innovations in material concepts so that we can plan how they can translate to the packaging requirements of our customers. We examine these new materials and rigorously test them in situations that are common to our customers to ensure stability and durability. By working with Tagit on your packaging strategy, you can benefit from our expertise and see those benefits translate to your sales.

Packaging form trends

Many brands focus solely on graphic design and material usage when planning the packaging for their product range; but they are missing a potentially lucrative trick. Shape should also play an integral role in any successful packaging strategy. The form you select for your packaging can speak volumes about the product within, and about your brand. Structural design, if used correctly, can have a massive impact on the commercial results of the product.

Stay ahead of the pack

One of the key advantages of incorporating structural design into your product packaging is that your competition will be far slower to adapt if they’ve not kept up with emerging trends in packaging form.

Give your packaging an afterlife

The shape of your packaging will help it stand out on the shelf. Packaging form has the power to stop busy shoppers in their tracks. It has ‘pick-up-ability’ that will influence potential customers to examine your product more closely. It ensures your product dominates more of the real estate of a busy display than a two dimensional package could ever achieve. It improves the unboxing experience and increases the chances of your product being socially shared. Innovative packaging form design can also give another purpose to the packaging which satisfies the concept of reusability in our circular economy.

Packaging form trend forecasts

At Tagit, we are constantly monitoring shape and form for our packaging trend forecasts. By partnering with us for your product packaging, you can tap into these trends and benefit from our years of experience in structural design and manufacturing. We understand what works, and we have the skills and facilities to engineer the perfect packaging to charm your customers.

Capitalise on our packaging trend forecasts

We love working with brands that want to excite and engage their customers, whilst having a positive impact on the world. Having access to our packaging trend forecasts means you can draw on our years of experience in predicting emerging trends. Together we can elevate your packaging range, enhance your products, convey all of the positive messages that your brand stands for, and maximise your profits. What are you waiting for?

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