How packaging can help jewellery and accessory brands keep up with changing trends and shopping habits.

We have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in fashion jewellery and accessory packaging in our 20+ year history. If you’ve ever purchased jewellery or accessories from these brands, then chances are you’ve seen our work.

One of the major shifts in recent years is the move from traditional jewellery boxes to modern jewellery carding. Once preferred by the more budget brands, jewellery carding is now prevalent in store for even luxury retailers.

And with very good reason. Jewellery carding has many key advantages over its more conventional counterparts. If you aren’t using carding for your jewelry and accessory ranges, maybe some of these reasons could win you over.

Jewellery carding is fast

Jewellery carding is fast

Fashion moves quickly, and this includes fashion jewellery and accessories. Consumers want to find the latest looks on the shelf as soon as they’ve seen them on their favourite Instagram influencer.

For packaging buyers, this means being able to have their custom jewellery packaging designed, manufactured and distributed at speed so their latest ranges can be in store ahead of their competition.

Contrary to traditional jewellery boxes, carding designs can be quickly adapted to meet the new requirements. There is less material and fewer component parts, so manufacturing runs can be turned around rapidly. Finally, as no construction is required, distributors or staff can get product to shelf faster. Win win!

Jewellery carding is eco-friendly

Since jewellery carding requires less packaging material, it meets the environmentally friendly mantra of ‘Reduce’. Less packaging material also means less weight, which reduces transportation loads and the product’s overall carbon footprint.

Lastly, since carding is a single entity, it is far easier to make the entire thing from the same sustainable material, and ensure its ability to be recycled.

Jewellery carding is versatile

Jewellery carding is versatile

By working with expert packaging designers, you can significantly reduce your overall packaging range by using versatile carding.

By creating jewellery carding with minimal key lines, you can use a single version across multiple product lines.

Jewellery carding is fast

Jewellery carding is eye-catching

Fashion jewellery is bold, striking and distinctive – so why hide that away inside a box? Carding allows you to make the fashion jewellery the star of the show, whilst maintaining your brand identity.

For your more subtle jewellery and accessory lines, you can use your jewellery carding to draw attention to the display by employing interesting shapes and premium print finishes.

Jewellery carding is space saving

Not only does it take up less distribution and warehouse space, it also takes up less space on your in store displays. This means that you can hold more product lines per store, and offer your customers more choice.

Jewellery carding is economical

The above benefits also lead to jewelry carding being the most cost effective method of packaging your jewellery and accessory ranges.

Less material means a lower price per item and reduced transportation costs. Versatility means fewer packaging variants and less wastage. Speed to market means less time and resource spent on design, manufacture and implementation.

If you want to capitalise on the advantages of jewellery carding, get in touch to discuss your packaging requirements. We’re always happy to help!

James Rowland is the Managing Director of Tagit Ltd, which he co-founded in 1996. His passion for all things related to design and packaging came from working in the art department of a packaging firm after leaving school in the late 80s. He taught himself to run the litho printers and die cutting machinery, and built up the production arm of the UK business. James’ entire career has been centred around the innovation, design and production of jewellery and accessory packaging, which is why Tagit attracts and retains clients around the globe. James cares deeply for the environment and has made it his mission to offer the best recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions for his customers, even if it affects the profitability of Tagit.