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When brands are looking to launch a new product range, they generally prefer to trial it across a few chosen stores before committing resources to a full launch.

The trial run still needs to properly showcase the end-product. All branding and packaging needs to be in place, as it would in a full roll-out.

However, this can cause pricing concerns for brands; only committing to a small quantity run of packaging can be expensive.

Brands can find themselves in a Catch 22 situation. Push the per-unit cost up in order to run a trial, but risk their margins; or commit to a full launch without knowing if the product will sell, potentially risking being stuck with product that doesn’t sell.

Price vs. quantity

When leading specialist watch, jewellery and electronic accessory group, Peers Hardy, were looking to introduce a new gift concept to the market, they faced this exact dilemma.

They needed accessory packaging that would showcase their latest watch and wallet gift set. Hoping to attract the high street fashion brands, and secure large volumes in the long term, they needed to produce a small quantity that their customers could trial.

The gift set contained high quality products, and was designed to be sold at a mid-high price point. Therefore, the packaging in which the set was to be displayed needed to reflect the premium price tag.

The packaging needed to be cost effective in order for Peers Hardy to properly determine if the trial was a success.

We create accessory packaging for Peers Hardy
We create accessory packaging for Peers Hardy
We create accessory packaging for Peers Hardy

Custom accessory packaging

We worked closely with Peers Hardy to determine the best way to display the products. It became clear that the packaging needed to be a box in order to maintain the quality feel.

However, the machinery, tooling and materials needed to create a rigid box would have been cost prohibitive for the small quantity needed for the trial.

We worked on a new accessory packaging concept, whereby the strength of a rigid box could be replicated within a fold-up version. A plastic insert was used to create the protective lid, and allow the products to be displayed fully in store.

First class quality, economy price tag

The new packaging proved to be a great success and Peers Hardy was able to run the trial.

Due to our cost savings in production and materials, we were able to incorporate a metallic foiling process into the printing to enhance the premium feel.

Crucially, Peers Hardy was able to order a very small quantity of their new accessory packaging at a price that they would usually expect to pay for a large volume order.

We create accessory packaging for Peers Hardy
We create accessory packaging for Peers Hardy
We create accessory packaging for Peers Hardy