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Primark is gearing up to be the UK’s biggest selling clothing retailer in 2018, and for good reason.

They have seen their market share soar in recent years; due, in no small part, to their ability to keep up with changing trends and shopping habits.

Their savvy, price conscious customers are now used to being able to find the latest looks on the shelf shortly after they’ve seen them on their favourite celebrities.

For the packaging buyers at Primark, this means being able to have custom jewellery display cards and accessory packaging designed, manufactured and distributed quickly to meet their demanding speed to market requirements.

A whole new packaging solution

Primark approached Tagit with a broad and thorough brief for their new packaging requirements.

They wanted to move away from the black plastic of their existing range, to use more environmentally conscious materials.

Their packaging and display range should look striking and modern, and should coordinate across their many categories of jewellery and accessories.

They also needed to establish that we could preserve their brand and colour identities with every single manufacturing run.

Finally, all designs must be future-proof, and quickly adaptable to meet critical time to market deadlines and ensure that new jewellery lines can reach the consumer before their competition.

We create custom jewellery display cards for Primark
We create custom jewellery display cards for Primark
We create custom jewellery display cards for Primark

Custom jewellery display cards

Our new designs for their custom jewellery display cards feature gold foil to illustrate and highlight where the jewellery is intended for. This was particularly important for their custom earring cards and custom ring cards, as the latest fashions include stackable, coordinated ranges.

To achieve consistency across each production run, our factory in China developed specific embossing rollers that could apply the premium foils. Tagit China also created a special design feature which is embedded within the material. This helps Primark be confident in the origin of each piece of packaging so they can maintain their brand and colour identities across every store.

Tagit offered Primark the use of its central China production facilities, as well as other distribution hubs across China and India to guarantee worldwide shipping targets are met.

One-stop-shop packaging partner

We were able to achieve all elements of Primark’s brief, with minimal price uplift from their previous black plastic packaging range.

Tagit UK continues to supply the manuals, designs, and samples; whilst ensuring that all international Tagit factories and distribution hubs are kept up to speed with the latest Primark packaging developments.

Our ethical business practices are well suited to the stringent Primark code of conduct; and they regularly conduct audits of our facilities to ensure we maintain our high standards.

Overall, Primark’s new range of custom jewellery display cards, and custom accessory packaging has been a big success – on and off the shelf!

We create custom jewellery display cards for Primark
We create custom jewellery display cards for Primark
We create custom jewellery display cards for Primark