Client / Red-Eye for Marks & Spencer
Scope / Accessory display cards
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We’ve only been able to purchase ready made reading glasses over the counter since 1989. Back then, they were a purely functional purchase to enable people to keep several pairs around the house without paying multiple prescription charges.

Fast forward to today, and reading glasses have become a major fashion accessory. Now people have several pairs so they can coordinate them to that day’s outfit.

M&S now carries an extensive range of ‘ready readers’ that covers a multitude of lens strengths and frame designs.

By extending their range this way, they found themselves with a packaging problem that they urgently needed to solve.

The need to ‘try before you buy’

The brief from Marks & Spencer’s reading glasses supplier, Red-Eye, was very clear cut. We needed to find a packaging solution that would enable M&S to not only display their wide range of designs, but that would also allow their customers to try multiple pairs easily.

The accessory display cards should allow M&S to hang the glasses in store, from their existing accessory display stands. They should also enable in store staff to quickly identify the correct display card for the relevant glasses.

Crucially, the perfect solution needed to be developed and approved quickly so that M&S could get the new range to market.

We create accessory display cards for M&S
We create accessory display cards for M&S
We create accessory display cards for M&S

Accessory display cards

Our preferred solution for these new accessory display cards was to only have one version.

By creating a prototype that featured minimal keylines, we were able to test across the assortment of frames to ensure that every style could fit within the die cut.

We could also test the ease of getting the glasses on and off the display card. This meant that M&S could be sure that their customers could easily try in store; and also that their packing staff could restock quickly.

A single version also meant that production times could be cut considerably.

Speedy sampling

Having the design and sampling completed by Tagit’s UK team meant that options and prototypes could be quickly tested and discarded.

Having the ability to perform these trial and error tests was crucial – and something that would have taken months if the UK facility wasn’t able to handle it.

Working closely with the Red-Eye team, we were actually able to agree on the final solution within days. Within a week, we had received the brief, found a solution, and moved everything to production in China.

Any potential delays in product reaching stores were averted, and the new accessory display cards work perfectly.

We create accessory display cards for M&S
We create accessory display cards for M&S
We create accessory display cards for M&S